Various Penis Enlargement Methods

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Most men believe that the bigger the penis, the better the sex life. Also, there is a notion that most women prefer a male partner with a thicker and longer penis. So, how can a man enlarge his penis? There are products in the market used to increase the size of the penis.

While some products can deliver the results they claim, some can be risky, and men should steer away from them. Besides, there are penis extender devices that men can use safely to improve their penis size. According to, these devices have many benefits like increasing the penile length and girth, enhancing erection and overall sexual performance and rectifying abnormal curvature in some male members.

Below are the ways to enlarge penis size

Using Traction Devices

a traction deviceTraction devices increase the penis length by elongating the penile tissue. You place a small extending frame or a weight on a flaccid penis to lengthen it gently. The device pulls your penis, modifying the curvature. Several studies investigating traction devices have given varying results. However, the evidence on such devices is limited. Determining their effectiveness and safety needs more research.

Using Vacuum Devices

A penis pump involves placing the tube over a penis and pumping out air, creating a vacuum. The penis swell as the vacuum draws blood. Such devices are sometimes for the short-term treatment of impotent men. However, overusing the pump can damage tissues on your penis, leading to weak erections. There is little evidence of the long-term benefits of such devices. When you use the pump for few minutes a day, it might not increase the penis size.

Using Penis Enlargement Pills

penis enlargement pillsWhen you have erectile dysfunction, medication can help. Pills don’t increase your penis size but increase blood flow to the penis, resulting in a bigger erection when you struggle to get one. It is because such medications have a chemical that relaxes blood vessels, increasing blood flow. The medicines include Viagra, Cialis, Levitra. However, a doctor must prescribe the drug.

Through Liposuction

When you have a large tummy, a liposuction procedure removes the fat below your abdomen, making your penis larger. Removing excess fat in the pubic area makes the penis appear more prominent. Typically, the results are reasonable to most patients. Liposuction might lead to a 2 cm length gain in the short run, but the fat return to the pubic area when you put on weight again. The procedure offers patients a confidence boost, but to sustain it in the long run, you improve your diet and exercise.

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